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Beautiful Baby Parrotlets Ready Now!!!

beautiful-baby-parrotlets 2I have some beautiful stunning Parrotlets available now for sale. These beautiful babies are 12 weeks old and ready to go.

beautiful-baby-parrotlets 3

Parrotlets make fantastic loving pets, they are not too noisy, there vibrant colours makes them different. There life expectancy is around 25-30 years. Parrotlets are the smallest Parrot in the world, and actually called Celestial Parrotlets. Their diet is cockatiel seed, parrot seed, honey sticks as treats and fruit and veg. Parrotlets are more likely whistle and mimic sounds than make great talkers, they have the ability to say a few words but this cannot be guaranteed. Parrotlets are happy to live as single pet and will make a better bond with you and picking up sounds. But they can also live in pairs or small flocks too.

beautiful-baby-parrotlets 6Blues £60 each.

Greens £40 each.

beautiful-baby-parrotlets 4

I have a couple of types of cages also available in black or white.
Liberta Lotus £40 each.


Santa Monica £45 each.


If you would like a different cage to these then please talk to me for quotes as I can get brand new cages at great prices.

You are welcome to phone Lee on … 07962099830 or leave a message below

 to ask any questions or arrange to come and visit my birds.

You will need to bring a travel cage or suitable transport carrier if you decide to purchase a Parrolet


I can also offer Nationwide delivery
On Top Of The World.jpg
 I have two delivery options. Delivery anywhere in England or Wales is £50, mainland Scotland £60, higher Scotland can be more depending on postcode. An additional cost for travel boxes is also applied at £5 each. (Delivery and travel box cost is the same for one or multiple birds)

Option one is delivery by Walkers European Transport, this is a professional livestock delivery company and collect off me on a Wednesday and guaranteed delivery on Thursday. This option I would require payment by bank transfer as the courier doesn’t handle cash. I can assure you that you will get you’re bird, I can book the delivery on and send you the booking details before making payment in full.

Option two is basically anytime the van is in your area but can be cash on delivery.

For a friendly service please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Contact us Lee



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