Otherwise known as The Red Crowned Parakeet (Cyanoramphus noveazelandiae) Kakariki parakeets are the most common species of parakeet in the genus Cyanoramphus, the birds’ Māori name, which is the most commonly used, means  ‘Little Parrot’


The Red Crowned parakeet is Native to New Zealand, they were once widespread across New Zealand but is now is unfortunatly extinct in most of the mainland.  The Kakiriki is only found on Stewart Island, Kermadec Islands and a range of other small, offshore islands.

Kakariki that are captive breed are relatively common and come in a variety of colours.

The native green with blue wing markings and red crown

10 a Dave.JPG

 Buttercup  10 a Kakariki.JPG

Cinnamon Lime.JPG

PiedPie Kakiriki.JPG

Pied Kakarikis which have both green and yellow body feathers.

The Blue KakarikiBlue Kakariki edit

The Kakariki is one of the most happy, playful parrots always busy, they are extremely inquisitive and very intelligent. Kakiriki love climbing and are the only species that do not use their beaks to climb the sides of their cage bars.

All Karariki

These wonderful ‘Little Parrots’ make fantastic pets you will have hours of entertainment watching their busy antics.


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